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Whether you have an urgent need or just questions about how to eliminate pain and lead a more active lifestyle so that you can live your life , Physical Therapy Now is here to help!

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Physical Therapy is dedicated to holistic and natural help you get on the right path of your life without the need for medication, shots or surgery.


End Low Back Pain

Our experts specialize in eliminating low back pain without continuous care and trips to see the physician. Our techniques involve your own body's ability to heal itself with physical medicine. No meds, no shots, no surgery.


End Shoulder Pain

When is the last time that you were able to reach above your head without awkwardly moving your shoulder and without pain? We help to resolve this problem and it is not as hard as you may think.


Saving you time

Have you been told that you may need surgery? We have helped many people to fully rehabilitate so that they don't need surgery.


Hip, Knee, Ankle, and foot problems?

We help more conditions so that you can live your life free of taking pain medication.


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